Do more with your invoices

BULK Butler leverages the infinite scalability of PDF Butler.

BULK Butler allows you to benefit from all the power of PDF Butler in terms of personalization, branding, structure, content, multi-language, multi-currency, complex data structures, … while scheduling to generates big amounts of documents:

  • At the time you need it: process every night, every week, every month or a one-shot. Just schedule directly in

  • In the timeframe you need it: your processes might require that the documents, eg invoices, are generated is specific period. Count on the scaling of BULK Butler in your process.

Do more with your invoices and make them count. Our vision is that your invoice can and should be used to engage your customer and push your brand. You can be sure that the invoice will be seen at your customer so this might be your only interaction with your customer … you better make it count.

Use the power of PDF Butler to manage your invoice content and add:

  • Company news

  • Upsell opportunities

  • Use BI to identify opportunities or act on churn

Use the unparalleled extensibility of PDF Butler and BULK Butler to automate your billing use-case End-to-End:

  • Inform backend systems

  • Get information from Backend systems

  • Mail the invoice