Connect, Generate & Collaborate

  • 2-way Salesforce to SharePoint integration

  •, Sharepoint, OneDrive & MS teams integration

  • Generate & Collaborate in your favorite tools,,
    PDF Butler, Sharepoint and MS Teams

  • Support your complex sales & contract processes

COLLABORATION Butler allows you to generate your documents like quotes, contracts, … with data from and save directly to SharePoint or MS Teams. In SharePoint or MS Teams, your team can pick it up and collaborate

Anywhere, any time, any device

Document storage. Your business process requires might required that some documents are stored in SharePoint (or OneDrive). With COLLABORATION Butler, your Salesforce record is dynamically linked to the SharePoint or OneDrive folder to create a perfect 360° view.

Complex contracts or quotes might require the help of a team, your legal department has to review, your technical engineers need to add a solution description. When all teams give their GO, just pick it up in to sent out your document via mail, SIGN Butler or ...

  • Integrates Seamless with PDF Butler & Start and end your process in and collaborate in between

  • Amazing ROI: perfect and secure integration in the context of the user. Prepare your documents and save them directly to SharePoint.

  • Work & Win as a team


  • Pooling of Talent and Strengths - When members of a team collaborate, they are able to utilize the knowledge, experience and skills of everyone involved. For instance, one member may struggle with presentation skills, but might know all about the technical aspects involved. Effective collaboration will allow all the members to share their talent and find the most optimal solution to every problem. This will augment the chances of the business to achieve more in less time.

  • Development of Employee Skills - Collaboration is mutually beneficial for the employees as well as the organization because when they work together, interact and share ideas, they see and understand how others work, think, negotiate and operate. This gives all the employees a chance to pick up skills from their colleagues or team mates and build upon their strengths. These newly-learned skills can then be practiced in their own field to look at things with a new perspective and make improvements and enhancements.

  • Speed up Solutions - Collaboration speeds things up. It fast-tracks progress. A problem that may take months to get resolved when handled by a single individual, but may take just a few hours to resolve when several other members employ their unique standpoints and expertise to get things done. These viewpoints will open up several doors to multiple ideas and solutions that a single individual may not be able to come up with.

Increased Efficiency

Collaborating in the workplace enables businesses to finish important projects and meet crucial deadlines efficiently. With multiple individuals working on a project, the work can be divided up equally and efficiently between those with the time and the expertise to handle specific tasks. This also significantly reduces the project delivery time. Often referred to as the divide and conquer strategy, it entails teaming up of several individuals together, dividing up the tasks among them, and accomplishing the project in relatively less time.


The Salesforce to SharePoint integration provides various benefits for all business sizes. It helps end users to view, share and manage documents with ease.

Enhance employee productivity and make collaboration among sales, marketing and customer service support teams more seamless.

  1. Simplified Document Management: Many enterprises deploy SharePoint for document management. These documents contain customer contacts, accounts and other business entities that need to be tracked. Integrating Salesforce with SharePoint can help you monitor these business entities while making document sharing, updating, and management much easier.

  2. Better Team Collaboration: The most important benefit of Salesforce integration with SharePoint is improved team collaboration. Every enterprise uses a robust document management system to simplify and automate their sales and marketing processes. This requires users to maintain and share numerous documents across different departments. Through Salesforce to SharePoint integration, users can easily and quickly maintain and share the documents to enable direct and swift collaboration.

  3. improved Data Security: The Salesforce to SharePoint integration allow users to view, edit, or share documents and check version history using a single platform. Users do not have to switch systems to perform these functions. It also allows non-CRM users to view the documents stored within the SharePoint platform. However, they require adequate permissions and authorization rights to access the documents stored on the SharePoint server. The users can only view documents, sites, folders within their Salesforce and SharePoint Security context. No Admin security is required!

  4. Quick Inter-Entity Linking: Quick linking is another beneficial feature of Salesforce to SharePoint integration. It allows users to link specific documents with other business entities right inside the CRM. These entities can include marketing campaigns, opportunities, quotes, sales literature, and case studies. The integration further enables users to edit, retrieve and share documents from within the Salesforce UI, depending on users’ document access rights.

  5. Increased Customer Coverage & ROI: SharePoint is a great tool for team collaboration and data integration. This provides you with an opportunity to serve your customers better and in an effective manner. By offering customers direct access to your product and business information, you can expect an increased return on investment.

  6. Store Large Documents: SharePoint offers secure storage capacity for documents as big as 50 MB files or larger. SharePoint brings offline file access with OneDrive sync. The extensive file support with Salesforce gets restricted to 2GB. Thus with this integration, businesses can do away with restrictions of space constraints and ensure seamless operations every time.