(Configure, Price & Quote)

With CPQ and PDF Butler you are able to impress your customers in every step within the flow from lead to cash!

With PDF Butler for CPQ, you automatically add multi-brand, multi-language and multi-currency options to your existing Salesforce CPQ environment!

Automatically create upsell opportunities and efficiency gains during every contact moment by enriching your flows with PDF Butler!

New products / services (upsell), new references, bulk invoicing with new user stories, ... in short, all company data, customer knowledge, employee knowledge can be used to create the personalized customer experience that your stakeholder expects!

Connect the benefits of product bundles, complex product configurations / catalogs, multi-dimensional quoting (MDQ), advanced order management (AOM), Quote Line Group grouping, other CPQ features with the power of our document generation engine called PDF Butler.

Your quotes, contracts, renewals, direct debit documents, letterheads, thank you letters / e-mails can be scaled by department, role / purpose in the company, physical location, country, target group in no time by adding PDF Butler.

Customers such as FCR Media, Sodexo, A-Z Packaging, ... already use PDF Butler successfully within their CPQ environment.