Does not matter if you use FSL mobile or on the desktop.
Your favourite Field Service App requires document generation.

Recent research from revealed that 72 percent of executives are using field service management software to achieve quicker case resolution. As the fastest growing product in Salesforce’s history, Field Service Lightning has truly taken the field service industry by storm.

The ability to manage scheduling, dispatching, work orders, reporting and all aspects of a mobile workforce is no easy feat. However, the introduction of Field Service Lighting has made running a field service business using its tools more effective and efficient.

At the heart of every successful field service implementation lies reporting. For instance, the Service Report. This one must give a full overview of the repair, maintenance, installation, or other work. the service report must have photo's as evidence that the work was completed. Your customer or supervisor must visually be able to validate the work and the result. In many cases, this evidence will be pictures of before and after the repair or a proof that the maintenance task (WOLI - Work Order Line Item) was done.

Mobile is also a major requirement for your Field Service teams. From their iPad or Tablets they must be able to handle all tasks related to the creation of the report. These can be taking pictures to updating the Work Order. Next to that, being next to your customer is the best moment to let him sign-off and sent him the signed-off report. All directly from their iPad or Tablet. This brings so much efficiency and your customer will be impressed. Also from their side the administrative overhead is removed.

Our customers use PDF Butler for:

  • Service reports: bring an overview of your repair or maintenance task by a single click. Have your customer sign it on screen or digitally (eg SIGN Butler)

  • Case overview:1 click to bring a structured view on the conversation between your company and the customer

  • Assignment letters: give your workers the overview on the repair or overview tasks to complete. All information of the Case + task specific information

  • Timesheets:Field Service is a great way to keep track on your employee timesheet. Getting these timesheets printed and mailed direclty from Salesforce is a huge advantage.

The combination with SIGN Butler allows your digital sign-off of any document but for Service Reports or Timesheets in particular.

Full mobile demo - From mobile, generate the report and let your customer sign-off.

Backend Demo - create service report and customer sign-off via SIGN Butler.