Financial Service Cloud

PDF Butler for Financial Services industry and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (SFC)

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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides intelligent insights to help bankers and advisors prioritize their best prospects and take the next best action to acquire new customers. While deepening relationships with existing ones. So advisors and bankers are able to deliver the personalized service that customers expect.

By adding PDF Butler for Financial Services Cloud, you can BOOST your productivity in your advisor role. Incorporating PDF Butler in your toolbox ensures that you can service customers and prospects in a highly automated way with very personalized and branded proposals & contracts.

Documents generated with PDF Butler can be zero-touch, created with just one click or in case of high customization, ready to put the finishing touches to the document through integrated collaboration features.

Our world is becoming more and more digitalized every day. To meet this need, we have developed a solution (Sign Butler) that fits perfectly with our document generation tool. Sign Butler makes it possible to sign with digital signatures that are legally valid. One of the specific benefits of Sign Butler is that we also support local e-signature solutions without any problems. Using digital signatures results in an elimination of the signature-hunting process and leads to shorter sales cycles.

For Insurance Brokers

Contracts like family insurance, life insurance, car insurance, housing insurance, illness and accident insurance, funeral insurance, legal insurance, travel insurance, civil liability insurance are tailor-made based on your Salesforce data, either automated or highly automated and branded in line with your corporate identity.

Customer Example

Raetsheren uses PDF Butler to generate legally obliged documents on the spot for their customers which puts their brand in the spotlight and makes their workforce much more productive. They save 4 fulltime equivalents per month by using PDF Butler.

For Financial institutions

Like banks, you can auto-create and send contracts like mortgage loans, securities credit, personal loans, subordinated loans, bridging mortgages, flash credits. Again, completely automated or at the very least highly automated, specialized documents, completely branded according to corporate guidelines and identity.

Customer Example

Creafin, an active player in home loans, uses PDF Butler to present flawless personalized contracts that represent their corporate identity in unparalleled way.

Customer Example

CKV Financial Services is an independent bank active in Belgium and France, specialized in tailor-made mortgage -guaranteed loans and deposit products, uses PDF Butler to provide their customers with personalized documents in great detail at the click of a button.