Financial Services

Working in financial services with Salesforce feels like a treat. Salesforce even offers a layer specifically for financial advisers and insurance brokers that helps them by providing intelligent insights that prioritize prospects and identify the best action to be taken. You are probably already using this feature. If this is not the case, contact Salesforce for more information.

Automate complex document structures

With PDF Butler for financial services, you can take your service level to a new hights. PDF Butler for financial services helps you create personalized documents, fully branded and adapted to your client, in an automated way. Complex document structures that you thought you could not be automated are child's play for PDF Butler. Documents will not only be very lively, colorful and recognizable as your brand, but will also contain all details and even photos in terms of content.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Next to that, helps you specify Upsell or Cross-sell options in your templates that are tailored to your client's requirements. This makes receiving such a document an extra special experience. With accurate and highly personalized content you score points and inspire confidence. Short response times, made possible by automation, to requests or questions from customers generate immediate involvement. All these things together will benefit the relationship with your customer.

Native language

PDF Butler is also known for the simple way in which people can speak to clients in their own language, which leads to a better relationship with the customer and not unimportantly, higher conversions. If you manage multiple brands, you can also make perfect use of the same templates. This saves an enormous amount of time in managing your templates.

The importance of locale

Another very important aspect, in every company, but certainly in the financial services that serves foreign customers is to serve their data in addition to customers, to provide the correct regional settings. Think of date, time, currency format settings, which will be completely tailored to the customer preference.

Take control of your templates

One of the things we are most proud of at PDF Butler is how easily you can change templates. For adjustments, you do not need specialists or developers and you can respond very quickly. All these characteristics make our product extremely versatile and unique. Our customers love it.

BULK Butler

If your company needs mass billing features or any other form of document generation at a large scale, then Bulk Butler is the solution you are looking for. High-performance document generation in large quantities, but still with the same level of quality and personalization that you are used to with PDF Butler. Contact us for more information

NEXT Stage

If you want to bring your PDF Butler – Salesforce integration to the next stage, SIGN Butler is what you might be looking for. With SIGN Butler, you no longer need to chase signatures. Your customers can sign your documents with a legally binding digital signature anytime and anyplace. The result is higher efficiency and shorter sales cycles.