By adding PDF Butler to your CRM for media, you will match your interactions with subscribers, advertisers and sources much faster with the image, brand and employees of your company.

With Salesforce, media and entertainment companies can personalize every interaction with consumers, advertisers, and employees. Improved sales and customer satisfaction with simpler processes, richer business insights and more team collaboration are well-known improvements.

By adding PDF Butler to your Salesforce environment, you open the door to all available company data and all information from the internet! Enable every employee to work with that data and content. Both company policy and brand recognition can be applied easily and in accordance with legal regulations.

PDF Butler makes it easy to reuse pieces of content or atomized content in a structured way.

Use Salesforce and PDF Butler for guaranteed fast setup and adaptation of every type of e-doc.

Don't just compile but add extra insights dynamically and at the right time to your flows regarding: reports, agreements, orders, scripts, charts, compound cards, headbooks, texts, scripts, auditions, props, vouchers, clauses, ...