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So proud to be the founder of PDF Butler:

We get more and more companies that are tired of their Document Generation tool. It does not provide the innovation that they require and does not keep up with the rising demands. The limitations of the market leaders on Data Model, picture handling, the document structure, speed, time-to-market and so much more are a brake on many companies and their business departments.

We have migrated (read freed or saved) customers from almost any Document Generation solution out there but the most common ones are Conga, Nintex Drawloop and S-Docs. Our customers do not only see us as a great alternative but being a better, feature-rich product.

Why are major companies migrating to PDF Butler you might ask?

The first part of the answer is that these technologies have started a long time before PDF Butler was even an idea. Their solutions are based on technologies from many years ago with the requirement of fulfilling the requirements of 15 years ago. Generating a document was a big deal back then.

The second part of the answer is the evolution of Business & IT requirements. Those requirements grew so fast over the last decade that new technology is required that can grow constantly and evolve while companies evolve. Do NOT be limited by the boundaries of your Document Generation solution! That is why PDF Butler was built from the ground up to support today's and tomorrow's Business and IT Requirements.

Last but not least, the migration takes only a couple of days and every time, the result and the quality was better than expected. Our in-depth knowledge and complete set of features make every migration a success. Your users and Admins will love it, so why wait and keep agonizing yourself and your users.


The requirements we are talking about and the main reasons companies migrate:

  • Speed : The document generation process takes too long. We have seen customers that had to wait for 30 secs to 5 minutes before their document was processed and ready. Imagine how amazed these customers were when PDF Butler generated the same documents is just a second.

  • Agile : The generation is 1 thing but these days, business departments require constant change. PDF Butler is fully catered for this. Its built-in validator will validate your configuration eliminating possible mistakes.

  • Innovation : We listen to our customer, take their input and ideas and come with 3 releases per year.

  • Business ownership : How can business departments manage templates when they are full with logic, developer fields, calculations, … . That is one of the reasons PDF Butler separates the template and the logic. The MS Word document can now be handled by anybody and it becomes much more easier to update texts, add branding, fix typo’s, … . Afraid of making a mistake? The validator has got your back!

  • Security & Privacy : PDF Butler does not store your sensitive data nor document. We have a very solid Data Processing Agreement and are fully GDPR compliant.

  • High maintenance : supporting, changing, creating, … takes too much time. The IT and Business departments become a slave of the Document Generation solutions.

  • Quality : your documents go to your customers. If your quotes, offers, invoices, contracts, … are not the quality you envision, how will your customers perceive that and perceive your company?

  • Multi : Multi-language, branding, locale & currency. PDF Butler is built from the core with these requirements in mind. We realize that the world expects you to work in the context of your customers. No need to maintain your config for every brand or language. With PDF Butler you maintain your config 1 time.

  • Data model : Salesforce.com solution becomes bigger and bigger. More information is stored as you customize and introduce more fields, sObjects, and relations. You require from your Document Generation tool to support your evolving Data Model. Unfortunately, this is not the case. PDF Butler handles the most complex data models and keeps within Salesforce.com limits. PDF Butler has no real limits on how deep you get your data.

  • Cost : Should not be the main driver to migrate but it is important. Call us for pricing, all our customers benefited from migration.

  • TCO : This is a main driver. Try out PDF Butler and see how it will lower your Total Cost of Ownership significantly

  • Pictures : RichText images, big images from files, loading external pictures in real-time.

  • Automation : Separate tools that trigger the update ... not required with PDF Butler, just use Process Builder, Lightning Flow or APEX.

  • Support : Last but not least, support! We offer actual help and not just forward the first Google search result. We get into a call, understand your business, understand your requirements and put our experience to work to solve your question in the call itself.

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