Missions for the greater good deserve amazing technology is the way to go for non-profits organizations that are serious about their endeavor to turn the world into a better place. This is a great start. But in order to get the most out of your Salesforce environment, you will need at the bare minimum a proper Document Generation solution that is capable of producing beautifully branded documents that are highly recognizable by the consignees. What product is better to use, than PDF Butler that can create superb user experiences like no other product is capable of.

PDF Butler for your non-profit organization can make a world of difference. Resources in non-profits are often limited, as you want the people that you help, to thrive. Every volunteer has their own unique skill set. We don’t want their talents and drive to go to waste, by them being busy in administrative tasks and thus not being efficient in achieving their mission goals. PDF Butler helps people that spend all or part of their time on charities to be as effective as they can be.

Example 1

PDF Butler has helped Youthstart, who gives less priviledged youth a second chance, to produce beautiful personalized certificates. This task took half of the working week of fulltime equivalent. This person now uses her talents and time to guide people instead of working on documents that are now produced with a single click.

Example 2

Made Blue, a non-profit organization that wants to help provide clean drinking water in developing countries, is using PDF Butler to create quotes and offers.