The world is digital, communicating to customers via electronic documents (e-docs) is a must. These customers expect a great experience in every channel and every interaction. With PDF Butler you can finally meet these expectations.

Building great looking e-docs does not need to be time consuming and expensive. However, most e-doc solutions out there do not support the business requirements. This turns the creation and maintenance into a tedious task. The final result is often not in line with the business vision but accepted as a compromise. Why you settle with less?

PDF BUTLER makes it possible that everyone can design the documents they envision in their favourite text editor: MS Word! Changing it is as easy as updating the Word Document and uploading it to PDF BUTLER. We support a very extensive list of MS Word features to empower all your use-cases.

In short, document no longer need to be dull anymore! Amaze our customers through your offers, quotes, contracts, and even bills.

of sales organizations have improved their win rate by automating their proposal process

of sales’ time saved by automating Doc Generation, searching and creating content + employee satisfaction

of marketing leaders say that branding is critical to growth and customer loyalty

of customers are likely to buy a product with information in their native language


PDF BUTLER is not really industry bound, it can be plugged into every digitalization use case that requires e-docs. PDF BUTLER is built to handle the most complex use cases. Don’t be limited by technology or time! Some example use cases:


We took our experience, the input from the customers we worked for and did not settle for less then solving the key issues:

  • Admins first
  • Fast Go-Live: low learning curve
  • Low maintenance: the following text will explain how we use Architectural best practices
  • Split code/configuration from the document
  • Business empowerment: Split code/configuraton from the document. Code or config in the document makes that business users cannot even change texts, typo's, headers, ...
  • Lower testing efforts: by make the testing ground smaller, testing efforts are limited significantly.
  • Support multilanguage, multi-currency, multi-locale at the core

We did not rest and did not go-live before we were sure we met these requirements. We innovate document generation and are not just another Doc Gen tool.

Architecturally, it is key in our innovation. Any system that handles logic to build User Interface (UI) uses the architectural pattern Model-View-Component (or a derivation of it). Even Salesforce.com uses a derivation of MVC in VisualForce and Lightning.

The reason that these patterns are used is to reduce code and config, allow loose coupling, lower maintenance and last but not least, allow multiple views for the same data and config.

In PDF Butler this innovation allows to support cases like multi-branding and multi-language. No configuration duplication required.

By using the MVC pattern, we can also add a lot of validation. By saving the configuration, we check everything.

In total, this means that we significantly lower maintenance and testing efforts and because of the validation, reduce any possible errors in production.

Architectural schematic