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Automating your sales process from A to Z without ever leaving Salesforce

By combining, PDF Butler & SIGN Butler, you will create one of the strongest possible synergies and workflows in business out there

SIGN Butler

Collect signatures in in minutes, not days

Anywhere, any time, any device

I suggest you stop chasing down signatures and get your documents signed in minutes — not days. With SIGN Butler you give your customers a convenient, yet secure way to sign electronically which will result in faster business lifecycles

Integrates Seamless with PDF Butler

SIGN Butler makes the sending & Signing process real easy for your customers and your team members.

Amazing ROI

SIGN Butler improves your service while saving you time and money by collecting legal and trusted digital signatures from anyone and anywhere. No matter what time.

Mass Signing

Enjoy the convenience of having to send out only one sign request to hundreds of people, while you can easily track progress and send reminders. Each user will receive a unique copy that will be signed only once.

"SIGN Butler is the missing link in your digital transformation process. It partners up perfectly with PDF Butler. Integration & usage is easy, fast and intuitive."

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SIGN Butler meets the most rigorous security industry certification standards & uses the strongest commercially available data encryption technologies available.

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Self-explanatory and very intuitive digital signature solution (no training or manual required).

Close your Salesforce deals faster with SIGN Butler

Digitizing your signing process translates in faster success. SIGN Butler supports Lightning and Salesforce1 mobile.

Automate processes in Salesforce by setting up workflows with Process Builder. Track agreements with SIGN Butler. Easily integrates with other Salesforce components.

Close your deals 10 times faster. Automatically route back your signed documents to your team in Salesforce.

Reduce possible contract errors by automating the signature and authentication process.

Know the status. You will always know at what stage your agreement is. Track records are kept for auditing.


Business on hold

Too often, finalizing a commercial or any other business process can turn into a time-consuming nightmare full of tedious paperwork, pausing your core business. Time is spent conducting repetitive administrative tasks rather than achieving effective goals.

Growing Business

That is why everybody is trying to optimize the process time by working digitally. Introducing electronic signatures can be another step to accelerate your business.

SIGN Butler makes sure that...


Within the office you no longer need to:

  • wait for senior managers to return to the office, to obtain their signature.
  • sign, print, scan and manually post a document.
  • manually archive authorised documents
  • manually verify if the document have been signed by the right (mandated person).

Towards your customers you can speed up your entire business lifecycle. Digital signatures will:

  • allow you to save time on contract creation.
  • enable everyone inside and outside the organisation to sign any time from any device.
  • streamline the whole approval and signature process and make it error proof.
  • enable the same level of security and trust as with conventional documents.
  • help you close deals faster.
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