Alidays Optimizes Salesforce Document Management with PDF Butler

Established in 1992, Alidays is a renowned tour operator specializing in tailored travel experiences primarily within the B2B sector.  

At the forefront of Alidays’ technology initiatives is Francesco Sponzilli, the Chief Technology Officer, who oversees the integration of IT projects with organizational processes. Francesco’s role encompasses coordinating software projects and ensuring seamlessness across Alidays’ technological infrastructure.  

In this success story, we speak to Francesco about the document challenges that were overcome with PDF Butler. 

Challenges Faced: 

After successfully transitioning from another CRM to Salesforce, Alidays also recognized the need for a more efficient document solution. Francesco highlighted their previous reliance on an outdated system, where documents were generated from HTML and later saved as PDFs.  

The manual and laborious nature of their document generation process posed significant challenges for the company. Firstly, it was time-consuming, requiring extensive effort for each document. Second, it lacked flexibility and customization options, hindering adaptation to evolving business needs and personalized branding. Lastly, manual processes often lead to increasing the cost of the needed accuracy of generated documents. 

Solution Implementation and Impact:

Alidays explored various options on the AppExchange, carefully comparing features to find the ideal fit. Their key consideration was finding a solution that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. Assessing economic viability was equally crucial in their decision-making process. 

Central to their selection was PDF Butler’s ability to generate documents based on Microsoft Word templates, offering a user-friendly approach for customization. “I’m a fan of PDF Butler because you can do so much with the tool. I have a background in IT, making it easier for me to navigate such tools, but PDF Butler’s functionalities made our document generation process user-friendly for everyone. We were all able to create what we needed,” claims Francesco. 

The impact of PDF Butler on Alidays’ daily operations has been significant. Francesco emphasizes the tool’s versatility in generating a variety of documents, from contracts and invoices to travel vouchers and insurance documents. With approximately 8,000 to 10,000 travels per year, requiring an average of a dozen documents per travel, this amounts to more than 100,000 documents generated annually. These documents play a vital role in facilitating seamless communication and transactions with both clients and suppliers. 

The intuitive design and customizable templates of PDF Butler have simplified the process for team members to generate, edit, and distribute documents efficiently. Francesco also recommends the PDF Butler Academy for its valuable resources in learning how to set up and utilize the product.  

In Conclusion: 

Francesco advises prospective users, “If you have a very complex data structure, where objects are related in a specific way, or you have a lot of conditions that should be considered, then you need to understand how this logic will be set up. Can the solution handle it? This is very important because, ultimately, it saves a significant amount of time during daily business operations.” 

In conclusion, PDF Butler has proven to be an invaluable asset to Alidays, revolutionizing their document generation processes and enhancing operational efficiency. The tool’s versatility in generating various types of documents, combined with its user-friendly interface, has empowered Alidays to streamline their workflow and significantly improve productivity. 

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