The Contract Management Solution for Salesforce Users

Easily manage, edit, and send contracts without leaving your CRM. Get your contracts approved in minutes - not weeks.

Your negotiations, simplified.

With CONTRACT Butler, Salesforce becomes your one-stop shop for contract management. Easily edit content, assign tasks and review approval history.

Collaborate in real time.

Collaborate and redline your agreements in one place. Simplify your contract workflows without the hassle of switching between tools and views.

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Accelerate your agreements.

Eliminate bottlenecks with a centralized solution for all contract processes. No more endless email chains or tedious delays.

All your contracts needs, housed within Salesforce.​

Initiate contracts directly from Salesforce opportunities, and extract data from any standard or custom object to reduce errors.

Learn more today.

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Explore CONTRACT Butler's Features

Template Creation and Selection

Build customizable contract templates directly within Salesforce, and select from any pre-saved templates.

Clause and Sections

Add, edit, or delete contract sections and clauses seamlessly.​

Conditional Logic

Empower users to extract data from any standard or custom object, as well as related lists, within Salesforce.

Real-Time Editing

Enable real-time editing and previewing of contract documents for enhanced efficiency.

Task Management

Assign tasks or obligations directly from Salesforce, or via email.

Salesforce Record Integration

Initiate contract creation directly from Opportunity records for a streamlined workflow.

Document Sharing

Share contracts for signature directly from Salesforce for improved collaboration.

Approval History

Track and manage contract versioning and approvals with ease.

Integrated Audit Trails

Monitor all contract-related activity and manage communications effectively.

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