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In the fight for global human rights, Amnesty International plays a crucial role as a prominent human rights organization. They fight tirelessly for fundamental rights and a world where dignity, justice, and equality are upheld for all, regardless of race, nationality, gender, or background.

Amnesty International’s Germany Office includes a team of 10 professionals responsible for Salesforce operations, led by Carlotte Milles. In their pursuit of justice and advocacy, communication with donors and volunteers through service letters and donation receipts is essential. As their target audience leans towards an older demographic, branding and automation are vital aspects of their communication strategy.

Before discovering PDF Butler, Amnesty International Germany encountered difficulties in generating well-formatted documents. Salesforce lacked native PDF generation capabilities, necessitating the need for a reliable document generator. When they migrated to Salesforce, the organization immediately recognized the need for a robust tool to generate high-quality and personalized documents, which led them straight to PDF Butler.

The Unique Value of PDF Butler

What sets PDF Butler apart is its automated document generation with customized contact information, making it an ideal solution for Amnesty International’s needs. With numerous possibilities for their employees, PDF Butler simplified the process and seamlessly integrated with their CRM. The combination of a powerful CRM system and PDF Butler’s capabilities provided the organization with an efficient solution.

The transformational impact of PDF Butler became evident as the team could now make instant changes to documents without any difficulties. The ease of use was especially appreciated by colleagues who could generate documents with just a click. For those familiar with the solution’s background, PDF Butler offered excellent handling and control, allowing them to effortlessly upload and proceed with document generation.

Creating service letters, donation receipts, and volunteer-related documents became super easy and fast, resulting in substantial time savings. The ability to promptly address any colleague’s comments and make changes within minutes further enhanced efficiency and productivity.

The success story of Amnesty International Germany and their adoption of PDF Butler showcases the value of streamlined document generation in the pursuit of human rights advocacy. PDF Butler remains an indispensable tool in Amnesty International’s toolkit, empowering their global movement of more than 10 million people to take injustice personally and campaign for a world where everyone enjoys human rights.

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